New City Church Mission & Vision

We believe this reflects the calling God has placed on our life as a church:

We exist to lift up Jesus in such a way that all kinds of people creatively and courageously participate in the Kingdom story he is unfolding in the earth

We pursue a dream being made real by the grace of God…

  1. We dream of a growing faith community where every person, young and old, male and female, courageously and creatively participates in the Kingdom story God is unfolding in the Earth – in all of its dimensions and beauty.
  1. We dream of a community where we understand that though we are sinners, Jesus is a great Savior and calls us to have all of our life woven into His redemptive story.  He has re-written our past, secured our future, and presently empowers us for a life of active involvement with Him as agents in a work that will last forever.  We gladly submit the storyline of our lives to His story.  In this we discover ongoing movement toward freedom, joy, and strength.
  1. We dream of a community where every man, woman, child, and family is actively pursuing their meaningful part in the story of God.  We consider ourselves “God’s man/woman on the spot” and look for ways to join Jesus in expressing the fullness of His Kingdom wherever and whenever we are.  We embrace the unique strengths and situations God has given us and celebrate when other people and churches do the same.
  1. We dream of a community where Jesus creates love toward the world in which we live, not a barrier from it.  Therefore, held by the power of the Gospel, we are always moving toward one another and our neighbors in love.
  1. We dream of a community led by courageous men who sacrificially lay down their lives for the good of their King, family, brothers, friends, and neighbors.  These men are moving toward a vision of God permanently establishing the work of their hands by investing their lives with Him in the things that matter most.
  1. We dream of a community filled with women growing strong together and bringing strength to one another.  These women are increasingly finding their identity as daughters of God and being freed from a world that demands their conformity.  They are living toward a vision of joining God in setting other women free to participate in the life God has designed for them.
  1. We dream of a community which fosters creativity and embraces redemptive risk in the pursuit of great things for God.  This community has leaders who model the vision of the Kingdom of God and actively seek ways to work it into the lives of its people.